Slotmachine battle: DOA 1 vs DOA 2

Cairo Egypt – Hypes come and go, and that certainly applies to online slots. Game provider NetEnt faced the tricky task of creating a worthy successor to their mega slotmachine hit Dead or Alive. But have they succeeded?

In 2009, Net Entertainement (NetEnt) launched the game Dead or Alive. Although social media was not as booming at the time as it is now – making it more difficult to gauge popularity – it soon became clear that Dead or Alive would become one of NetEnts most popular slot machines.

There was much talk about it in various gaming and gambling forums, and more importantly: almost all online casinos bought the licenses for this game and added Dead or Alive (DOA) to their portfolios. The latter is always a of popularity. After all, casinos are only willing to pay for licensing costs if they expect a decent return on investment.

Why did DOA become such a blockbuster?

Why did gamblers fell in love with this slot machine? At first glance it seems bizarre. In terms of design, it hardly represents much. In terms of game sensation the same. A super nice bonus then? No, in 99 out of 100 cases the bonus is deadly boring as well. But how? What on earth is the power of this gambling game?

The answer is actually very simple: mega potential! In the oh so boring bonus game, the so-called wild symbols remain in place during the entire bonus. If you manage to get a wild symbol on every reel during the bonus, you will receive 5 extra free spins. But this is not all. If you are even more lucky and manage to get 5 wild symbols on a payline, you have a so-called wild-line. That wildline in combination with the extra 5 free games always guarantees huge profits. Multipliers from 1000x to 18,000x your bet are possible with this.

And although 99 out of 100 times bonuses will suck fully, as a player you get a huge kick if you become one of the lucky ones to hit a mega bonus. In fact, if you have 4 of the 5 wild symbols during the bonus, the excitement starts already. Sitting the edge of your seat, feeling the thrills shiver through your body, hoping to achieve the impossible.

High volatility

DOA is an “all or nothing” kind of slot machine, where you often win little to nothing (also with the bonus), but sometimes get a mega big win. The latter is not common, but when it happens you will literally bounce through your living room screaming and celebrating.

For example, I have been able to experience the mega bonus myself about twenty times in recent years, with my DOA record at around 3500 euros with a stake of 0.90 cents. For the rest, most wins where between 500 and 2500 euro with bets ranging from 0.45 cents to 4.50 euro. Occasionally I have had the bonus on the maximum bet of 18 euros per spin, but until now I haven’t hit the big one yet.

Responding to hope and dreams

What they have done enormously well with DOA is “capitalizing on hope”. I myself have been gambling for about 22 years and I know a lot of other people who are addicted to gambling as well. And I dare to say that gamblers have one thing in common: they all dream about that one big hit!

Gambling addicts (I don’t see this as negative) tend to play higher and higher. They want to win more. Increasingly. With most online slots you win 100x or 200x your bet max. Nice of course, but real gamblers no longer get a kick out of this. That’s why you see more and more slot machines such as DOA, with an enormously high volatility that gives you the chance to win 10,000x or more your bet. And yes, as stated, this kind of results are rare, but the chance of hitting the impossible is all what matters. That causes thrills, excitement.  Add to this the many “mega win” videos that you find on sites such as Youtube and Twitch, and an outright hype is born quickly.

And believe me when I say: if you manage to hit that one jackpot, you immediately forget all your previous losses. Sometimes such a big hit even makes up for all the losses from before, or better: you are finally in the plus again. Nevertheless, it is important to know what you are starting with with these types of games. Hope is often based on air … or in this case a mega-bang that hits 1 in 1000 bonuses. My advice is to only play these types of slot machines on low bets (and try to build up a bankroll first). Or try a higher bet if you have won a lot on another video slot. If you don’t get the big hit, your money can disappear like snow in the sun… it’s literally an all-or-nothing game.

The successor: Dead or Alive 2 (DOA 2)

It was announced somewhere in April 2019 that DOA 1 would get a successor. At the time I thought it would be a huge disaster. As with most Hollywood movies we often see successors fail big time. The first teasers appeared on Youtube in May 2019. Casino streamer Lets give it a Spin had the privilege of being able to look behind the scenes at NetEnt. This resulted in a “making off” of Dead or Alive 2:

DOA2: an unexpected mega success

In addition to the old bonus (which is also available in DOA 2), they have added two extra bonus variants in Dead or Alive 2. They are nice but nothing to be thrilled about. It all didn’t look very original and the pimped-up design was not exactly what I wanted to write home about. In addition, the variation with regard to the new bonus types did not attract me at all. In short, I thought this was going to be a huge flop.

But how wrong I was! DOA 2 turned out to be even nicer than its predecessor. Not only in terms of playing fun, but also in terms of winnings. With Dead or Alive 2, they really went over the top at NetEnt. Where DOA 1 could already be called “extreme” with winnings of 18,000x your bet, DOA 2 manages to impress even more. And not just a little bit! It is possible to win no less than 100,000 times your bet, although I have to say right away that so far no one has succeeded in winning this. However, hundreds of videos can be found on Youtube of gamblers and streamers who have won winnings between 2500x and 35,000x.

DOA2: my personal winnings

My enthusiasm increased considerably due to my first trial session. With a minimum bet of 0.45 euros a spin I got the bonus after like ten spins. I immediately saw a large number of wild symbols on my screen, but didn’t realize yet that I had already won the extra bonus. And with 0.45 euros in stakes I wasn’t expecting much money wise either.

Even when huge amounts of profit appeared on the screen I still wasn’t really shocked or something like that. I hadn’t really immersed myself in the game and I didn’t know how much, for example, 1000 points in euros were worth. Then my eyes fell on the amount listed at the bottom right of my screen: 2780 euro! I almost fell off my seat …. more than 4000 times my bet! WTF!

Since then I was immediately addicted, although I soon realized that the bonus I had received was quite unique. Just as my enthusiasm was diminishing a bit, I got five bonus symbols in the basic game from scratch. Again a moment of doubt struck. In DOA 1 this meant an enormous profit. But I wasn’t sure if this was also the case in this second part. However, this immediately became clear when I saw that I had won no less than 2500 euro, 2500x my bet… and then the bonus itself still had to start! Unfortunately, the bonus itself was not a big success, but that obviously didn’t matter anymore.

Since then I have managed to get some reasonable bonuses a few times (1800 euros with a bet of 4.50 euros, and a few thousand plus winnings), but I haven’t hit the real big one yet. And maybe I am just an unlucky guy, but in general I often only get these kinds of winnings when I play with small bets, up to say 2.00 euro per spin. But okay, after hours of playing fun on both Dead or Alive 1 and Dead or Alive 2, I can conclude that DOA 2 is certainly not inferior to its predecessor. And that is actually unique. I don’t know any other slot machine that surpassed the success of its predecessor like DOA 2 did. A big thumbs up!

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